Zpagetti fruitbowl – Crochet DIY.

Zpagetti fruitbasket

I have been wanting to try crocheting with the zpagetti yarn for a long time.

I finally got a hold of some nice bright colours and started crocheting away like a maniac. However, I did’nt really come up with too many satisfying results, so I also kept unraveling my misprojects.

Finally after about 10 attempts I got it right. Well, I only thought it was close to right, but I decided I was to sick of unraveling stuff, so i kept it as was.

After collecting the fruits of the house, i tried my basket out as a fruitbasket, and behold it was perfect for that.

It is sturdy enough to hold its own weight when empty, but loose enough to take shape after what’s in it.

Zpagetti fruitbasket Zpagetti fruitbasket Zpagetti fruitbasket

So, here comes the pattern. Dansk version her.

DIY zpagetti fruitbasket 

Yarn: “thin stretchy” zpagetti. Hook 10 mm (If your yarn is more stiff and thick, then you’ll probably need a hook about 12 mm).

Abbrevations: SC/Single Crochet – DC/Double Crochet – 2in1/ increase by two in same – 2tog/decrase by two together – s/stitch(-es)
Links: Magic circle – crab stitches.

  1. Magic circle by 10 SC = 10 s.
  2. 2 SC in all s. = 20 s.
  3. 2 SC in all s. = 40 s.
  4. 1 DC in all s. = 40 s.
  5. 1 DC in all s. = 40 s.
  6. 1 SC in all s. = 40 s.
  7. 1 SC, 2i1 SC x 13 – all in back loop = 53 s.
  8. 1 DC in all s. = 53 s.
  9. 1 SC in all s. = 53 s.
  10. 1 SC in to back loop of all s. = 53 s.
  11. 1 DC in all s. = 53 s.
  12. 1 SC in all s. = 53 s.
  13. 1 SC, 1 SC, 2tog SC x 13 – all in back loop = 40 s.
  14. 1 crabstitch i alle m. = 40 s.

Bind off and cut yarn, then enjoy your good work….

If you liked the pattern please comment below. I would be so happy 🙂

You are free to make and sell as many as you possibly can. And if you post your work to your own blog, please leave a link in the comments below, because I would love to see your work as well 🙂


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